Interview and Coding

In many companies, coding related requirements/interviews are considered important to hire talented engineers.
However, there are several different ways to evaluate applicant’s skills and you may realise the thoughts of interviewers from that.
Let’s go through them!

1. Online coding tests like Codility

Some large IT companies use online tests after screening applied resumes.
Most of those problems are between entry and intermediate level, so you can easily solve them in most case. Actually, some problems are famous enough to find answers online such like Fibonacci. You may feel it much easier if you are good at some scripting languages like Python.

  • Pros: Easy to pass.
  • Cons: HRs and interviewers do not pay much attention.

Here’s a good collections of problems.

2. Whiteboard coding

Famous IT giant companies adopt coding on whiteboard during interview. Basic questions are related to data structure like trees or recursive coding. You need to ask details of questions before coding and do it quickly because interview time is limited.

  • Pros: Good chance to appeal your capabilities.
  • Cons: Takes long time. Missing discussion may affect to result a lot.

Here’s a big collection.

There’s a book about it.

3. Public GitHub or your Apps

Some small companies request your GitHub when you apply to them.
They may check your green dots on your profile. wait. is it sure?
Perhaps your public repos are almost like rotten trashcan, so you would better to clean up beforehand.
If you have any published iOS/Android apps, you can send its source and published URLs. It will be a good chance to describe your product related skills and thoughts.

  • Pros: Easy to describe your motivation of coding.
  • Cons: Need to make regular contribution before applying.


Although you may think companies are going to check your abilities, the motivation behind varies.
Understand thoughts behind application processes and grab best opportunity for you!